Wireless Internet Troubleshooting

May 27, 2024

Wireless Internet Service

If your wireless internet does not appear to be functioning these instructions will assist you in diagnosing if you need to call our technical support. Before starting on these steps reboot your computer, KiN dish and your router. The KiN dish and router can be rebooted by unplugging their power for 10 seconds then plugging them back in. Instructions on locating the dish's power supply can be found in step one below. Also ensure that you check all of your connected devices and ensure that they are all offline, if one of them is on then the issue is on your internal network or a device.

Step One: Verifying Power to the Dish
If your KiN dish is accessible there are lights on the right side of the horn (the horn is the part that sticks out of the centre of the dish that collects the signal) when looking from the front of the dish. If any of these are illuminated you have power to the dish has power. If the dish is not accessible locate the line that comes from the dish into the house, this will typicality be black but could be grey on older installations. Follow this line to a black power supply which is approximately 2" by 4" and should have 2 data cables on one side and a standard power cable on the opposite side. Please ensure that all the cables are firmly seated on this power supply and that it's power light is illuminated. If the power light is not illuminated ensure that your power outlet is functioning.

Step Two: Verifying Connectivity to the Dish
Once you have verified that the dish has power we need to verify that the dish is communicating with your computer. On your computer ensure that you are connected to your internal network, this can be via wifi or hard wire. The steps for verifying this will depend on your operating system. After verifying that your device is connected to your internal network please open a web browser and copy and paste the following IP address into your address bar and hit enter:

If you receive a log in page but still are not online your internal connectivity is as it should be, the issue will be on KiN's end, you will need to call technical support at 250-353-1546. If you do not receive a log in page please ensure that you are connected to your wifi and that all of the cables on your network are firmly seated. Also ensure that your wifi router is powered on. If these steps do not resolve the issue please call our technical support.