Kaslo infoNet Society

Providing high-speed internet for Kaslo and RDCK Area D

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Our Mission

Kaslo infoNet Society (KiN) is a non-profit society dedicated to providing affordable, high-speed internet and telecommunication services to Kaslo and the communities throughout RDCK Area D.

KiN was founded by local technology pioneers in 1996, and has been providing reliable internet services to the area ever since. In 2014 Kaslo infoNet Society began installing a fibre optic network, providing reliability and speeds to our customers that was previously only available in metropolitan areas. Our fibre optic work continues to this day, with construction of lake landings from Ainsworth to Johnson's Landing being completed recently in 2020.

Allows us to focus entirely on the community, rather than padding the pockets of investors
Located in the heart of Kaslo. Our team is located locally and always available to help you with any support issues
We have been serving Kaslo and Area D for over 20 years

High speed wired internet

Fibre Optic Packages

Light carrying fibre internet installed directly to your home. Available in select areas from Kaslo to Johnson's Landing. Prices include taxes and unlimited usage

Fibre 25

25.0 Mbps upload & download

Starter plan for light use

$75 /month


Fibre 75

75.0 Mbps upload & download

Streaming plan for small family

$110 /month


Fibre 150

150.0 Mbps upload & download

Gaming and advanced internet users

$140 /month


Fibre 300

300.0 Mbps upload & download

Large family of avid internet users

$165 /month


Fibre 1000

940.0 Mbps upload & download

Our fastest fibre plan

$200 /month


Reliable wireless internet

Wireless Packages

Strategically located broadcast towers providing internet to remote areas. Available in select areas from Ainsworth to Johnson's Landing. Prices include taxes and unlimited usage

Wireless 3

3.0 Mbps download

1.5 Mbps upload

Entry level to get connected

$67 /month


Wireless 5

5.0 Mbps download

1.5 Mbps upload

Streaming capable plan

$95 /month


Wireless 10

10.0 Mbps download

3.0 Mbps upload

Our fastest wireless plan

$120 /month



Prices include tax

Home Phone (VOIP)

Residential home phone line

$30 /month

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Static IP Address

Fixed IP address for business

$30 /month

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