Performing a Speed Test

Feb. 28, 2024

Performance Issues

The ideal way to perform a speed test is to be hardwired directly into the internet, unfortunately this has become harder to achieve as most of our connected devices now only connect through wifi. If you are able always perform your speed tests through a hard wired connection that is directly plugged into your KiN router. There are 4 ports on the bottom of your KiN router, they are yellow. Typically these all perform the same task, any of them should work for performing a speed test. Once connected please visit

Once the page has loaded please click on the Go button. Once the test has completed the site should display your results in the following manner:

The upload and download speeds should be close to your service package's speed rating. For example on a Fibre25 connection we would expect results between 22mb/s (megabits per second) to 25mb/s. It is very rare for a speed test to give results that are exactly what the connection is rated for as the speed test server is hosted outside of KiN's network and KiN has no control over external networks. Speed test results on more extreme service packages such as Fibre1000 will vary, KiN can only provide these speeds on a best effort basis. In many cases the hardware on the device is not capable of achieving these extreme speeds, this will be reflected in the speed test results.

Wifi while convenient can be effected by environmental factors that emanate radio energy, this can be other wifi networks in your proximity, a remote control car, a baby monitor, a wireless thermometer or countless other devices. These devices can even be in your neighbours environment and effect your wifi experience. Degraded wifi performance will effect your internet experience, this can manifest itself in sluggish performance or even connection drops. For this reason speed tests performed over a wifi connection that provide poor results may not be accurate. This being said good results over a wifi connection will be reliable. If performing the speed test over wifi is your only option please ensure that you are as close to the KiN router as possible.

If you are questioning your speed test results please contact our support team at 250-353-1546 or and a technician will assist you. This may require a service visit to conduct a hard wired test using KiN equipment.