Establishing Remote Support

April 12, 2024


There are occasions where a KiN technician will require remote access to your device to perform support. The KiN technician will request that you download the AnyDesk application when these occasions arise.

AnyDesk can be downloaded via this link:
This link should redirect you to the proper download for your device's operating system.

Once you have downloaded the AnyDesk application you will need to run it from the directory that it was downloaded to, typically this will be your downloads folder.

Once you have launched the application the KiN technician will require your AnyDesk address. This will be a series of numbers displayed on the top of the AnyDesk window after the Your Address text.

Once the connection is established the KiN technician will have remote access to your device.

More in-depth instructions can be found on the AnyDesk website: