VOIP Voicemail Support

March 25, 2024


If you hear a series of short tones before the long dial tone when picking up your handset this indicates you have new message(s).
To access the voicemail service from your phone dial *97.
You should not require an access pin when accessing your voicemail service from your KiN VOIP phone.
By default remote access to voicemail messages is disabled, you will need to contact KiN support to have this configured.

Within the voicemail system main menu you have the following options:
Dial 1: Listen to new messages

Dial 2: Listen to saved messages

Dial 5: Access Advanced Options Menu

When listening to messages you have the following options:

Dial 0: Listen to the message again

Dial 2: Save the message in saved messages

Dial 7: Delete the message, this is permanent

Dial 9: Return to the main menu

Other options in the playback menu are not currently supported.

Within the Advanced Menu you will have the following options:

Dial 1: Record a greeting

Dial 2: Choose a greeting

Dial 3: Record your name

Dial 6: Change your remote access password

Dial 0: Return to the main menu