How to Make Payments

How to make a payment to KiN for your invoice: 

PaymentLandscape-1024x621The KiN office is located at Suite 1 – 404 Front Street (upstairs in the Kootenaian Building). If you are dropping off a payment during the KiN billing staff’s absence, you can slide an envelope into the mail slot with your cheque. Make sure that your name and three or four-digit account number is on the envelope! 

1.  Credit Card Payment

To make a Credit Card payment online, you can use our Pay by Credit Card page. If you wish to subscribe to recurring billings, you need to pay once using our Pay by Credit Card page, and then download our Recurring Payment Authorization Form, fill it out, scan it, and send it to our office by email ( or mail it to us at Kaslo infoNet Society  PO Box 1081, Kaslo, BC V0G 1M0.

You can select a fixed amount or a variable amount – variable amount would allow KiN to make adjustments to keep your account current, variable payments need to happen after the 7th of the month to allow time for the invoice to be processed.  You will still receive your monthly statement so you can monitor the payments. Don’t hesitate to phone us at 250-353-2305 or email us if you require assistance or with any questions.

2.  Online Banking Payment

You can pay with online banking at either Kootenay Savings Credit Union (or any Credit Union), Tangerine or Bank of Montreal.

To set up online payments, add a new Payee Kaslo Infonet Society and enter your three or four-digit account number when prompted.

3.  Payment by Cheque

If you choose to pay by cheque, be sure to drop off or mail your cheque in advance of the due date to avoid processing delays. Make sure that your account number is on the cheque!

You can also mail your cheque to Kaslo InfoNet, PO Box 1081, Kaslo BC, V0G 1M0.

4. Payment by Cash

If you choose to pay by cash, deliver an envelope with your name and three- or four-digit account number written on it to our billing staff, preferably,  in the KiN office. If nobody is there, slide the envelope into the mail slot. Make sure that your name and account number is on the envelope!

*Additional Information on Billing:

You may pay in advance any amount you wish. No discounts are available as yet for prepayment.  For additional information on billing, refer to the Billing section of our Terms of Service.