KiN Fibre-Optic Broadband Internet Kaslo Service Area

Since 2014 KiN has been installing fibre-optic cable within Kaslo, which is unaffected by distance, has far greater capacity than telephone-based service and can provide the Internet speeds enjoyed in major cities.

KiN’s fibre-optic Internet service is maintained by employees who live here, so problem-solving and support are quick and responsive.  New connections are free and KiN’s monthly rates match or beat those of the phone company.  A fibre connection to a residence increases property value by about $2,000.  And whereas more than $10,000 is drained out of our community every month by the phone company for Internet service, KiN’s subscription fees are spent at local businesses and for local employees’ wages.  For information about KiN or to request a fibre-optic connection, please contact us at (250) 353-2305 between 9 AM and 1 PM weekdays, or visit This map is also posted in the hallway outside our office.

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