KiN’s Response to COVID-19

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Temporary policy statement

In order to help those who have to work from home during these few weeks/months, we have decided to offer increased speeds, free of charge, for those on the KiN Fibre Network. This will be reevaluated at the end of June.

Fibre Subscribers on the following plans will receive:

Fibre-10:              40Mbps                Four times the up and download

Fibre-25:              100Mbps             Four times the up and download

Fibre-75:              150Mbps             Twice the up and download

Fibre-150:            300Mbps             Twice the up and download

This is being provided at no additional charge at KiN’s expense for the duration of the Covid 19 emergency, to assist the housebound users to remain connected to the wider world. For the duration of this situation we will be providing restoration of services for those on seasonal disconnects, as this can be accomplished at the network level without a field service call. Other than network level seasonal reconnections there will be no adjustments or changes made to existing service agreements.

The Wireless network is nowhere near as flexible as it is limited by the capacity of the Wi-Fi Access Point devices, and in some cases by Wi-Fi transport links, however:

  1. Where it is technically possible to expand capacity without affecting other subscribers
  2. And where there is a defined need that can be addressed from the network, we will try to expand the speeds available to 5 Megabit Up and Down.
  3. We cannot promise that this will be possible just that we will do our best to support users needs.

Wireless subscribers should contact the KiN office at 250-353-2305 or to discuss what may be done to enhance their service and the applications they are needing the enhancement for. The usage applications required may define what we can do. VPN users will definitely need a symmetric service.

We will not be carrying out inside the building installations for the duration of the Covid-19 emergency.

Subject to the Covid-19 emergency constraints we may be attempting to continue outside plant construction with the permission of Worksafe BC.

The KiN Board