Kaslo.org “Missing Emails” Issue

Note:  If your kaslo.org email account was created after January 2018, this issue may not apply to you.

We have had a number of kaslo.org email users report that they are not receiving some email messages.  The root cause of this issue appears to be that Google has recently increased spam filtering sensitivity, which is causing some email messages to be filtered into the spam folder.

We are working on a more permanent fix to this issue, but for now, you can check if any important messages have been filtered into the Spam folder.

To check your spam folder, follow the below instructions.

Log in to the webmail for Kaslo.org, which is managed by Google:

 You will need to log in with your full email address.  Example:  myemail@kaslo.org

Then enter your password.

Once logged in, click the “More” link on the left-hand side of the browser.

Next, click the “Spam” link to view the spam folder.  You may need to scroll down to see the spam link if using a device with a smaller screen.

Look through the spam folder to see if any important messages have been filtered into Spam by Google’s spam filter.

If you find a message that should not be in the Spam folder, click on it.  You can then click the “Report not spam” button at the top to tell Gmail that this particular message is not spam, and that message will be moved back to your inbox.

If you have any questions, please email:  support@kin.bc.ca
Or call the tech support number:  250-353-1546

Some of you are reporting bounced messages, this is all related to the same issue. In order to solve this issue, we are in the process of migrating all Kaslo.org accounts onto our server. We are currently writing software to automate this migration. Projected completion in late next week (February 22 or so). We apologize for the inconvenience.