Credit and Payment Policy

For credit-worthy subscribers, KiN offers 30-day net terms and accepts payments by cheque, credit card payment online, and Credit Unions, Tangerine and Bank of Montreal online payments.

For new subscribers with no credit history, we may ask for a prepaid deposit equivalent to two months’ subscription fee.

KiN Internet services are provided on the basis of 30-day net terms and are considered overdue if not paid within 30 days of the date of the invoice. We invoice by e-mail within a few days of the beginning of each month. You will receive both a statement of account and a monthly invoice in Adobe PDF form.

KiN’s terms of business are commonly used by Internet Service Providers. We charge in advance for monthly subscription fees and for Internet usage volume (beyond the free allowance) in the following month.

For example:

Fibre 10 $44.95
Overage $10.00
Subtotal $54.95
Tax $6.60
Please Remit $61.55

If today is March 1st and you have a Fibre 10 subscription, we will bill you for $44.95 plus tax for service in March. This subscription has a 100 GB monthly usage allowance. If your usage in February was 130 GB we would add a $10 charge for usage on your March bill for overage incurred in February. Your statement which you will receive by email in early March would show this billing and be due on or before April 1st.

If we have not received your payment before the next billing cycle it will show as overdue in the April Statement. We allow a grace period of 30 days. If by the time of the May billing cycle we have not received payment for the March subscription charges and February overage, we will consider your account as delinquent and your service will be suspended as of May 1. If your account has been suspended we will require payment in full in addition to a $25 reconnection fee to restore service. If you are close to the end of the grace period and concerned that your payment may not be credited in time, please email and advise us of the payment to avoid a delinquency suspension. Accounts may be prepaid, and the credit amounts will be applied to monthly bills as they are incurred.