fibre-optic cable
Government services, health information, education, news and culture—or running your business from your home—all require high-speed Internet service.  That’s why the CRTC has designated it an essential service.  The West Kootenay region needs and deserves affordable Internet service that’s at least as fast as big cities enjoy.

Federal grants such as Connecting Canadians 150, the Northern Development Initiative Trust and Columbia Basin Broadband Corp. (part of the CBT) are all now working to bring urban-level Internet service to rural areas in the West Kootenay.

Internet speed graphKaslo InfoNet Society (KIN), a nonprofit Internet Service Provider (ISP), recognized in 2013 that fibre-optic cable running directly to the home is the only way to provide the speed and reliability mandated by the CRTC.  In fact, fibre can provide much greater speed—all without wireless radiation or EMF.

By late last year KIN had installed fibre to every property in much of our community, in 2017 we will begin installing fibre from Ainsworth to Lardeau, and eventually to the entire North Kootenay Lake Valley north of Kaslo.  Because we’re a nonprofit, we’re able to keep our rates equal or lower than ADSL and provide far better service while reinvesting our income locally.  Check out

KIN developed construction techniques and found affordable sources of fibre that will make fibre-to-the-home in rural communities throughout in the West Kootenay region a reality.  We are sharing our experience to help other Internet Service Providers in the Kootenay Lake, Slocan and Arrow Lake Valleys to achieve that goal.

We’re looking for people in the Slocan Valley, Slocan Lake district, Arrow Lakes district, Nakusp and Trout Lake willing to help their communities become part of a fibre network covering the entire West Kootenay.  Leave your contact information at 250‑353‑2305 or and we’ll follow up.