Bandwidth and Usage Policy

In April 2015 the KiN Board made substantial changes to KiN’s long-standing policies and charges for data usage. These policy changes reflect significant improvements to the entire KiN network and reduced costs for bandwidth that we have recently negotiated.

Our goal is to provide a minimum of 10 megabit per second service to all users on the KiN network, whether they are served on a fibre, radio, or mixed radio-to-fibre network. Over the last two years we have built up our network to meet this goal, though this process is not fully complete:

1. Getting adequate bandwidth: We are about to connect a new 300 megabit per second backbone which begins testing in May with the assistance of Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation. We have done this with our subscriber funding, the communities’ resources and the sweat of our volunteers. This is a benefit that our Kaslo Fibre Initiative brings to all our subscribers.

2. Improving our distribution network: This has been an ongoing project over the last two years and we will require Industry Canada funding to complete it. Industry Canada is delaying us, but our crew is working on it as quickly as our subscriber revenues allow.

3. Upgrading subscriber radios will carry the improved service: These upgrades require the installation of new subscriber radios and can only be done one subscriber at a time. If you have a new radio supplying 3 megabit per second service, you will have access to new 10 megabit packages as soon as the first two projects are completed.

4. Building high-capacity fibre-served systems where houses are reasonably close together: We completed one of these projects in Kaslo Heights in 2014 to prove the technology and those subscribers will tell you that it’s better than city broadband.

5. Negotiating new lower cost bandwidth supply: This is what makes the new higher-volume/lower-cost capacity bundles possible. In the past, we billed $2 per gigabyte for monthly overage because of the high cost of the Telus bandwidth we were buying. Now that we are able to purchase lower cost bandwidth and 5 times our original capacity, monthly overage is now charged at $10 for each 50 gigabytes to a maximum of $80, or you can eliminate usage charges entirely by subscribing for Unlimited Usage for $25 per month added to your subscription plan.