The process for membership is as follows: a membership form is filled out, and a membership fee of $5.00/year is paid. A permanent record of active and non-active members will be kept in a register.

A current customer, employee, Board member or nominated Board member of the Society may apply to the Board for membership in the Society, and the person becomes a member on the Board’s acceptance of the application and payment of the membership fee.  All memberships are valid until the following March 31st.  In order to vote at a General Meeting of the Society, members must have been a member for at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

To serve on the KiN board requires membership in KiN. Current board members of KiN can vote in a member to the board who has just joined (i.e., has a membership though not a ‘current’ one).

We need new members!

  • If you are already a subscriber please let us know by writing us at or phone us at 250-353-2305 (press 1) and the $5 membership fee will be added to your bill.