All permanent residents of Kaslo and Area ‘D’ are eligible to become members of KiN. A permanent resident has lived in this area for at least six months.

The process for membership is as follows: a membership form is filled out, and a membership fee of $5.00/year is paid. A permanent record of active and non-active members will be kept in a register.

To vote at the AGM, members must have a current membership, that is, a membership which has been valid for thirty days prior to the AGM. Memberships may be purchased at the AGM and will be valid for voting purposes 30 days hence.

To serve on the KiN board requires membership in KiN. Current board members of KiN can vote in a member to the board who has just joined (i.e., has a membership though not a ‘current’ one).

At this point, we feel that we have satisfied the requirements of the Society Act, and want to point out that this policy includes all those in our service area, whether they are subscribers of KiN or not.

We need new members!

  • If you are already a subscriber please fill out our membership form for KiN subscribers.  The $5 membership fee will be added to your bill.
  • If you wish to become a member and you are not a KiN subscriber you can use our regular membership form. Please print it, fill it out and sign it, and return it with your $5 payment to our office at 404 Front Street, upstairs, suite 1 (just slip it under the door), or mail it to:

Box 1081
Kaslo, BC  V0G 1M0